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Improve your life and those around you with our lessons in mindfulness with programs for all ages.


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In just five minutes you can lower your blood pressure, moderate your heart rate, and begin to focus your mind.

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Serving Children

The best path toward healthy mental and emotional development is practicing self-awareness and self-regulation from an early age. Illumination Institute provides educators, parents and healthcare professionals with the tools to foster healthy habits, prevent or minimize attention deficit, and instill self-love and respect in children and teens.

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Serving Adults

Illumination Institute reinvigorates the lives of adults who are surrounded by stress and anxiety at work and at home. Using mindfulness techniques proven to reduce stress levels and foster personal development, busy adults can become happier, more focused and more efficient.

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Get Involved

Our mission at Illumination Institute is to facilitate a happier, more peaceful and more compassionate world. Our customized mindfulness programs are available to people of nearly all ages and backgrounds. To support our mission, you can make a donation today that will go directly toward ensuring our program remains free and accessible to all.

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Past Community Events

At Illumination Institute, we understand that it sometimes takes a village to make a profound change. We value our time spent immersed in our local community, learning, teaching and growing together. Read about past events here and stay tuned on upcoming events.