Alexandra Rivera

Director of Programs

Alexandra (Allie) has worked in education for almost ten years in a wide range of schools and has made a variety of meditation and mindfulness practices a part of her life for the last 15 years. Her experience as a behavioral therapist for children on the Autism Spectrum and an elementary school teacher has shown her that children of all ages and backgrounds suffer from widespread social and emotional turmoil. Anxiety, stress and depression plague the daily lives of schoolchildren and teens, affecting their academic performance and their overall wellbeing. Allie began implementing relaxation and mindfulness practices into her own lesson plans and quickly noticed the positive effects they had on her students’ attention spans and moods- and even on her own teaching practices! After partnering with Brian, she developed original awareness practices designed specifically for educational environments. Allie has completed the Mindfulness Fundamentals and Mindful Educator Essentials training programs through Mindful Schools. Allie received her BA from Loyola Marymount University, where she became well-versed in Ignatian contemplation, guided imagery, and Taizé prayer. She received her MA and Elementary Teaching Credential from California State University Long Beach. In addition to her work with the Illumination Institute, Allie teaches full-time at an elementary school in Orange County.