Become a School That Teaches Mindfulness

By becoming a district or school partnered with Illumination Institute, you can have a meaningful impact on those around you regardless of their age or background. Our curriculum is designed to help schools equip teachers with self-care and a Mindful Curriculum to engage their learners in a search for self-awareness, empathy and easy stress-relieving practices using our curriculum guidelines customized for each age group.

Each set of curriculum contains the following:

  • School’s handbook on being a leader in mindfulness
  • Complete set of recorded audios with scripts

  • Option to customize recorded lessons with the support of our team

  • Leading discussion questions aimed at developing each learner’s sense of awareness

Lessons in mindfulness can be some of the most impactful in an individual’s life. Through becoming more self-aware, the benefits of mindfulness can start a ripple effect that influences life at home, school and work.

Set up a meeting with us today to find out how we can work with your school. We train teachers in mindfulness techniques and provide schools with our turn-key mindfulness curriculum, which can be implemented directly into their classrooms.

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