Improve your life, your school, your community or your workplace with our mindfulness lessons for all ages.


Partnering Schools:


Oxford Academy High School — Cypress

Ball Junior High — Anaheim

Brookhurst Junior High — Anaheim

South Junior High — Anaheim

Walker Junior High — La Palma

Orangeview Junior High — Anaheim

Dale Junior High — Anaheim

Sycamore Junior High — Anaheim

Gilbert High School — Anaheim

Kennedy High School — La Palma

Cypress High School — Cypress

Magnolia High School — Anaheim

Savanna High School — Anaheim

Independent Learning Center — Anaheim High School

Doig Intermediate — Garden Grove

McGarvin Intermediate — Westminster

Alamitos Intermediate — Garden Grove

Bolsa Grande High School — Garden Grove

Pegasus School — Huntington Beach


Mt. Edgecumbe High School — Sitka


Vientiane Pattana School International — Vientiane, Laos

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What People Are Saying

“I think the program has been excellent! It’s very easy to use and works well. I play the audios first and complete the mindfulness practice with the students. We end by discussing how they felt or what they noticed. We then focus on that skill over the next couple of days and add a new audio after, building on the one before. We even had a student lead a mindfulness lesson one day.”

– Elementary school teacher

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Find a quiet, comfortable place to follow one of our basic guided practices.

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