Individuals with Disabilities

Individuals with Disabilities

Illumination Institute is a strong believer of equity and the idea that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. Therefore, we want to empower children with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their family with the tools necessary to advance themselves despite adversities.

Illumination Institute SHARE program:
– Self-Help Advocacy Resource and Empowerment

A comprehensive peer to peer mentoring program to help consumers and families of diverse communities to understand challenges in accessing the services and supports to improve access and utilization of services by partnering with Regional Center of Orange County.


Helping family navigate

At Illumination, we acknowledged the multifaceted challenges and underutilization of services that plagued children with disabilities and their families. Therefore, we created the family SHARE program to help families decipher and overcome barriers which hinder their progress in education, economic, and individual growth via workshops, mentoring, and training.

Illumination Institute’s goal is to bridge the disconnects for families and empower them to utilize the full spectrum of services and supports of the I/DD community. After all, the pursuit of a fulfilled life despite adversities for I/DD individuals is more than just the service and support provided by the Regional Center. It involves education, health care, civic participation, workforce participation, housing, finance, and the collaboration of multiple organizations. Therefore, Illumination Institute is proposing to utilize its diverse expertise and experience in the aforementioned areas to help families with individuals with disabilities.

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