Nancy Larimer, kindergarten teacher at Pegasus School

“Illumination Institute’s mindfulness program is so easy to use, whether you are new to mindfulness or have been practicing mindfulness with students for years. You truly can customize it to meet your needs by doing the whole program in totality or using individual pieces. Sometimes I want to guide the lesson myself, while other times I use the audio files provided. It has been a game changer for bringing mindfulness into our school.”

Cori Esperanza, outreach teacher at Anaheim High School

“The first week of school I gave this student an article from Time magazine about Teen Depression and Anxiety. He was to read, annotate and write a response. His response alerted me to some possible trauma in his history. He wrote about his own struggle with depression, anger and how he doesn’t know why he hates everyone and everything.

Strikingly, this young man doesn’t want to miss the mindfulness practices. He thinks it’s actually been helpful. He likes it. His comments on the written work for the class are insightful, and evidence that he is getting something significant from the exercises.
I’m so grateful for our opportunity to share mindfulness with students. I am especially grateful to get to share it with this particular student.”

Jamie Mc Cahill, ninth grade teacher at Vientiane Pattana School International

“Now that we are approaching the end of our school year, it is great to look back and reflect on what the students have achieved and how many of their mindsets have changed in positive ways. I have witnessed the students become much more engaged with the present rather than overcome with stress and negative thoughts. The students now largely understand that the mindfulness lessons do have an impact on their feelings and emotions on a daily basis. The highlight of the year for me was watching a group of grade 9 students teaching mindfulness to several small groups of primary school children from a local school. Both sets of students were extremely engaged and got so much out of what was only a 10-minute session.”

Christine Reabe, first grade teacher at Pegasus School

“The program is working great for my class! We have been using it to transition back in from lunch and it has worked very well for incorporating a quiet moment where they can calm their bodies after all the playing outside. I love that I can fully participate and they can watch me as an example.”