About Illumination Institute

Illumination Institute is a not-for-profit organization promoting self-awareness, stress management and concentration using mindfulness techniques.

Illumination Institute was founded by Brian Ton and Alexandra Rivera in 2016. After working as an estate planning and business attorney for over 15 years, Brian came to realize that money and success do not provide peace, happiness or even mental comfort. He learned firsthand that financial stability does not correspond with a decrease in stress, as many people anticipate, and that anxiety, fear and unhappiness affect people from all walks of life regardless of their ethnic, religious and educational backgrounds.

Brian was introduced to meditation over 20 years ago, a method of training the brain to self-regulate in order to reduce stress, increase focus on the present and achieve a deep sense of well-being, patience and acceptance. After studying and practicing a wide variety of mindfulness techniques, Brian partnered with Alexandra, whose background in education provided insight into the issues of anxiety and attention deficit in schoolchildren. Together, they developed their own open-sourced, simple and practical mindfulness exercises designed to benefit people of all ages and backgrounds.

Illumination Institute seeks to spread compassion, patience and peace through simple, time-proven mindfulness techniques that have been used by people of all backgrounds, religions and cultures for centuries. The Institute was founded to help make mindfulness practices accessible to everyone, with a long-term vision of improving people’s happiness and overall well-being.

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