Mental Health

Mental Health

Illumination Institute is committed to the betterment of our communities through the implementation of programs and research. Along with spreading mindfulness, we have the following programs and activities which aim to remediate challenges in mental health.

VASP (Vietnamese American Suicide Prevention):

This is a monthly support/work group where we provide support for families who are affected by suicide and channel the community energy into prevention and intervention activities. This project is in collaboration with Mind OC’s Community Suicide Prevention Initiative. 

School Mindfulness Curriculum:

As a novel approach to addressing the mental health problems of K-12, we are developing a credit Mindfulness course to teach children about mindfulness and social and behavioral theories. The goal is to improve children’s awareness and resilience by offering research-backed ideas and theory. Think TED Talks if it was a class.    

Community and School Mental Health Collaboration:

In the spirit of Community Based Participatory Approach to mental health, we’re collaborating with community stakeholders and Orange County School Districts (Garden Grove and Anaheim) to explore and implement activities and programs to address the current mental health problems experienced by its families and students.

Teen Mental Health Leadership Program

As a sub-grantee of CalOptima Intergovernmental Transfer Program 6/7 Children’s Mental Health funding, Illumination Institute is providing mental health training to Boys and Girls of Garden Grove’s students, and parents about mental health and resources in order to empower the community to be first responders and improve access rate. This project is aligned with the objectives of Be Well OC.

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