Michelle Phetsomphou

Director of Content Creation

Michelle learned about the benefits of mindfulness firsthand while working as a tutor for students on academic probation. She discovered that what these students really lacked was stress management techniques rather than academic ability. Michelle began to start each tutoring session by allowing students to talk about their insecurities and concerns. She then began taking a non-traditional approach to tutoring by reminding the students of the importance of relaxing, clearing their minds and simplifying their tasks. Michelle was able to apply these same basic principles when working as a caretaker for a young girl with special needs. Michelle soon discovered that not only did children benefit from mindfulness practices, but she did as well. Michelle is thrilled to be involved in Illumination Institute’s vision of helping others develop techniques for greater self-awareness and focus. Born and raised in Denmark, Michelle earned her B.A. in English and Intercultural Communication from the Brigham Young University of Hawaii, where she also worked as an instructor of English.