Our 3-part mindfulness workshop series with the Anaheim Public High School District has covered a wide range of topics so far, including an introduction to the concept of mindfulness and some stress-reducing techniques.

Participants in the workshop ranged from teachers to braille interpreters to administrators. Our executive director and founder, Brian, broke down the basics of why stress occurs, how it can impact one’s life and how people can manage and overcome their stress.

As should come as no surprise, feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or unhappy is an incredibly common issue among adults today. More and more families require both partners to work to make ends meet, work responsibilities often carry over into our personal lives, and it can be difficult to find the time to feel at peace and grounded.

Stress can manifest in so many different ways, from sleep trouble, to substance abuse, to depression, and more. Many people don’t realize what a profound affect stress can have on their physical health as well as their mental and emotional well-being.

Participants were guided through a couple of 10-minute long practices of deep breathing, posture adjustments and body awareness. These types of practices can boost your mood, help you relax and refocus your attention.

Overall, we’re thrilled to be getting our message out and helping people find a more stress-free way of life! If you didn’t make it to our workshop these last two weeks, you didn’t miss your chance. Our final workshop in this series is this Thursday, March 9th, and is free and open to the public! No RSVP necessary — just show up!

We’ll be talking about useful ways to incorporate simple calming exercises into your daily life, no matter how busy your schedule is, and we’ll practice a couple of other relaxation techniques together. We will have snacks and refreshments, materials for you to take home, and lots of positive energy.

If you can’t make it to our workshop, you can still access our guided meditations by registering for free on our website.

Check out our What Is Mindfulness post for a list of some lesser known health effects of stress.

Hope to see you there!